What to expect from The Folde laundry service

What to expect from my first laundry order?

How does it work?

After creating your free account you can schedule a dirty laundry pickup. The Folde laundry and dry cleaning bags will be brought to you with your first scheduled pickup. If you’ll be present for pickup, you can stuff them full before handing over to the driver. If you won’t be present for pickup, you can leave the clothes in any other laundry bags or hampers; we will return these with your order and your The Folde laundry bags for filling at your convenience next time. Set your bags out on your scheduled pickup day. You’ll be notified with confirmations, pickup reminders, and pickup/delivery status updates via text and/or email.  Your clothes will be delivered the in the corresponding delivery slot – cleaned to your detailed account preferences. It’s THAT easy!

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When should I expect my clean laundry delivery?

Your laundry order’s delivery schedule is a function of your pickup schedule. We offer a two-day turnaround on laundry and dry cleaning services. Monday through Thursday pickups will be delivered two days later in the same time slot they were picked up in; Friday pickups will be delivered on Monday in the same time slot they were picked up in.

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What are the AM and PM time slots?

They’re very common questions when first getting started:

  1. How do these AM and PM time slots work?
  2. How will I be notified?
  3. How do most customer’s handle the 5-hour windows?

We get it; this pick-up and delivery laundry concept is new. But, you’re off to quite the start switching from your traditional laundry practices and hopping on board with our new, digital take on it. Here’s how the AM and PM time slots work at The Folde.

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Laundry day just got even easier with our new account updates!

You asked and we listened! We’ve made some big changes thanks to your suggestions! The first part of this change is that you will need to create a new account here. Don’t worry; it will only take a couple of seconds.

You’ll notice that you also have the option to customize all of your laundry notes, special requests, and notification preferences. We now have a much more robust selection of account preferences. And, this allows us to continually improve the product we return cleaned to you.

What else? Easier interface to navigate, text notifications on driver ETA, text-to-order options, automatic referral discounts, expanded zip codes, and no more subscription fees! Not bad, right?

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