What are the AM and PM time slots?

They’re very common questions when first getting started:

  1. How do these AM and PM time slots work?
  2. How will I be notified?
  3. How do most customer’s handle the 5-hour windows?

We get it; this pick-up and delivery laundry concept is new. But, you’re off to quite the start switching from your traditional laundry practices and hopping on board with our new, digital take on it. Here’s how the AM and PM time slots work at The Folde.


1) How do these AM and PM time slots work?

Pickup and delivery time slots vary depending on your zip code. The best way to find out is to create an account or sign in here.  Our AM delivery route is from 7 am – noon. Our PM delivery route is from 2 pm – 7 pm.  You’ll see the options below to our sample customer, Laura, based on her zip code below:

The Folde Laundry ordering pickup


2) How will I be notified?

First, you’ll want to customize your notification preferences in your account. You’ll notice below that Laura has opted for all notifications. However, you can customize as needed.

The Folde Laundry Service Notifications Display

If you opt into receiving these notifications, you’ll be prompted the evening before your pickup reminding you to have your clothes ready, shortly before the driver’s arrival, once the driver has collected your clothes. On delivery day, you’ll also be notified shortly before the driver’s arrival and once the driver has successfully delivered your clothes.


3) How do most customers handle the 5-hour windows?

With a 5-hour delivery window, we keep you notified by automated text messages/emails when your driver has a more accurate ETA.  Please note that routes may shift due to traffic, weather, etc. Regardless, most customers opt to leave their clothes out for pickup.

There is no need to be home for your scheduled pickup and delivery. If you have any notes on where to collect your clothes (ex. back porch, by the garage door, at the concierge desk, etc) feel free to include those in your order notes. These notes help guarantee that all pickups and deliveries are successful. Simply leave your laundry bags out for pickup – you’ll be notified along the way and we will handle it from here!

Questions? Comments or concerns? Let us know! Feel free to reach out by email at support@thefolde.com, phone/text at 512-676-5807, or on social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Not into that? Browsing our FAQ page might help too!

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