schedule a pick-up

Sign up and request a pick-up to get started! On your first order, we'll bring your bags; you stuff them full & they'll be yours to keep for next time.

do something fun

We'll handle it from here. While we're washing & dry cleaning your clothes, you go do something fun. We'll notify you when your clothes are cleaned.

receive delivery

It's that easy! Once notified, you have the option to adjust your delivery time. Or, if you don't adjust, we'll bring them back at the original time.

"Letting The Folde take care of my laundry & dry cleaning has been the biggest game changer. All I have to do is schedule a pick-up and off it goes!"

Caitlin J. Yelp Review

Our Accounts

Once you create an account, you can request a pick–up at the date, time, and location of your choice.

subscriber account

For those who do laundry often. $12/month for unlimited FREE pick-up and delivery. The subscription pays for itself on the 2nd delivery.

classic account

Our most flexible option for the casual customer - no monthly commitment, same great value plus a $6 delivery charge.

"Seriously could not be simpler. I've cut ties with my building's laundry room and have freed up my days to prance around in fields of bluebonnets...
or whatever else I want."

Canaan H. Yelp Review

Our Process


We'll bring the bags with your first pickup and they're yours to keep for next time! Choosing a delivery time at this point is optional. You can schedule a delivery in advance or wait for the notification text that your clothes are clean and follow the prompts to schedule a delivery.


We take your clothes to our production facility and check them in for processing - along with any special care instructions or wash preferences. They're professionally washed, dried, folded, hung, dry cleaned, pressed - all to your specifications.


You'll get a text notification as soon as your clothes are cleaned. This way, you can schedule a delivery time - or adjust your previously scheduled delivery to better fit your schedule. With our own production facility, we average 18-24 hour turnaround times.

"The Folde has
constantly been
a life saver!"

Ngozi U.
Yelp Review

"Woowww. This makes
my life so much easier!"

Nathan L.
Google Review


what goes where?

It's simple; you separate wash & fold laundry from dry clean and press laundry.

  • Wash & Fold: Items in the wash & fold bags get treated like regular laundry - washed, dried, and folded.
  • Dry Cleaning: Garments included in the dry cleaning bag are either laundered or dry cleaned then pressed.

standard practices

We operate to the best practices of laundry and dry cleaning. Some of these include:

  • Free & Clear Detergent in commercial, high-efficiency machines.
  • All wash and fold clothes processed based on material standards to preserve fit.
  • Dry clean with organic solvent as opposed to harmful alternatives.

special requests

We cater to any special requests you may have with your laundry at no extra charge. Simply include an explanation of the requests in the notes with your order. This includes any:

  • detergent requests
  • stain-removal or spot-treatment requests
  • hang-dry options
  • special care requests

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