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Skip Laundry, Go Road Trip

Alex, Ashley, Bailey, and Chewie explore. They explore a lot.

Whether it’s tripping through West Texas, weekends in Pace Bend, or jumping around the gulf coast, they’re always itching to find the next dirt road, majestic view, and cup of camp coffee paired with some boom box cassette tunes.

Alex is an outdoorsman with a car problem and Ashley is a professional photographer with a bad case of wanderlust – pushing Alex to keep exploring bigger and better views. Bailey, their Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix, is just along for the ride. And you won’t catch her complaining.

Then there is Chewie, their adventure-mobile – a 1988 HJ61 Toyota Land Cruiser, named after the size, strength, and grunts of Chewbacca.

Alex And Ashley: Far Out (1 Of 3)3
Alex And Ashley: Far Out (1 Of 3)1
Alex And Ashley: Far Out (1 Of 3)2

“One day, I found the Cruiser that would eventually be mine. The cruiser was originally from Japan and had been imported to Calgary in 2013. I purchased it in November of 2014 and had officially finished the import process by January of 2015. I now owned my dream diesel Land Cruiser, Chewie – a 1988 HJ61 VX.”

After equipping Chewie with storage shelving and a sleeping platform, the foursome was overland-ready for some self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations. With overlanding, the journey is the primary goal – not the destination. And it shows in both the stories and the photography on their blog, Far Out Adventure.

Alex And Ashley: Far Out3
Alex And Ashley: Far Out2
Alex And Ashley: Far Out1

“It’s about setting out to live with a more simple mindset to not only enjoy a new destination but to genuinely cherish every part of the journey.”

But with simplicity in lifestyle comes smelly clothes and lots of them.

“We get back in town after long weekends camping and climbing at Enchanted Rock and are exhausted from our adventures. We use The Folde so we are able to relax after a long weekend outdoors.”

The Folde | Far Out Adventure Blog 1
The Folde | Far Out Adventure Blog 1
The Folde | Far Out Adventure Blog 1

Between Ashley’s photography business and Alex’s live music shows, the couple works all week for the overland simplicity of the weekend. When they aren’t on the Greenbelt with Bailey or in the garage with Chewie, they’re busy planning their next trips – big, small, and everything in between. To follow their adventures, check them out on Instagram as @faroutadventure or subscribe to their blog Far Out Adventure.


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