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It’s Not Like Riding a Bike

Raechel will be the first to tell you – it’s NOT like riding a bike.

Going bowling for the first time in a couple years is like riding a bike.  Getting back in the gym after a lazy winter holiday is like riding a bike.  Leading the office meeting after a couple weeks of vacation is like riding a bike.      

Raechel Sinuk isn’t into just riding bikes – she’s more of the ‘riding a runaway freight train while you hold on so tight that your knuckles turn pale white and your heart beats so fast you’d swear it’s trying to escape’ type.  But that’s why she loves it and that’s why she’s so thankful she decided to spontaneously pick up a mountain bike and hit her first trail a couple years ago.

She didn’t come from a mountain biking family or group of friends.  Besides casual riding, she didn’t really know what she was getting into.  It was just an attempt to spontaneously take on a new adventure in between her time wandering the racks at Hyde Park Gym and the halls of the Kinesiology department at the University of Texas.  And since that one spur of the moment decision to kick boredom down the gnarl, ripping Walnut Creek or Reveille Peak Ranch on her old Santa Cruz Blur with new friends has taken over her life. 

And it doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, the car racks are unloaded, and the Fox shocks are hosed off; that’s when it’s just getting started.  As soon as she’s home, she is filling orders for the small business she’s cofounded with her equally adept mountain shredding boyfriend, Taylor – Spokewrench Provisions.

“Everything is super high quality; it lasts the wears and tears of the actual lifestyle” she explained. 

Just like a spoke wrench.

Spokewrench The Folde (3)

The lifestyle gear that Spokewrench Provisions sells is a direct reflection of it’s name. 

“Bikers know this.  A spoke wrench is a bike tool used to tighten and keep the wheels true and on course.”  That’s exactly what the lifestyle clothing and accessories company is to Raechel – a tool used to keep her on track, keep pursuing a career in the outdoor industry, keep pushing herself to ride harder, and keep inviting other riders to reach out and form a community.  From clothing to vinyl to paracord bracelets incorporating bike parts, Raechel and Taylor stay busy in their free time hand screen-printing, hand tying, and individually packing each order.

Spokewrench The Folde (3)

With a full day of riding and a full evening of fulfilling orders, Raechel knows that starting a lifestyle clothing company in a niche outdoor industry isn’t like riding a bike.  Then again, if it was that easy, Raechel probably wouldn’t be into it.

Raechel can be found on her website or on Instagram as @raechelsinuk or @spokewrenchprovisions. She doesn’t do laundry anymore but loves getting it covered in dust. Her biggest tip for beginners looking to shred some trails is to get up and get on a bike. “There’s nothing to it but to do it! You’ll love it – and if you don’t, I’ll probably buy your bike and add it to my six-deep fleet.


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