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Catching Up With Olive

Keeping up with old friends can be tough.

We’ve all been there. With increasing responsibilities, perpetually busy schedules, and the always-present alternative to Netflix and chill-by-yourself, those half-hearted we should totally catch up soon pledges tend to fall flat more often than not.

The same is true with fishing. Drifting in his kayak on Austin’s big bass rivers, Jonny Aljets knows the drill.

“It’s rare you ever get to meet a fish twice. Fish move around often and the big ones don’t get that way by being gullible and falling for the same trick twice.”

No matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t happen often.

“My buddy Joseph caught a beautiful 23.25″ bass near a spot where we don’t generally have a lot of success. It was an awesome ‘tournament fish’ as they call long, slender fish that no matter the weight would score the same on a measuring board.”

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“We’ll called her Olive, not because of her color but her beady eyes and slender build. We admired her for a moment – a fish that big a in small river system is astounding. After a few pictures, Joseph released her back into the water.”

Usually, that means goodbye, forever. But not for Olive. She wanted another photoshoot.

“Four days later and I’m back in the same area. Unfortunately, it rained a few days in between and the water was stained, which usually shuts the bite down. It did, except for one bite. No more than thirty yards from where Joseph found Olive, I hooked into what I thought was an absolute giant. Turns out it was just an over-excited Olive.”

Jonny Aljets   Blog (4)
Jonny Aljets   Blog 3
Jonny Aljets   Blog 2

You couldn’t mistake it – the dark scales behind her fin, unique features that aren’t easily repeatable.

She skipped the last-minute text canceling plans and actually came through on Jonny’s last let’s do this again soon offer.

Yeah, keeping up with old friends can be tough. But sometimes you get lucky, like Olive.

Between making new friends on the river, taste testing the new drafts at Whip In, and a day job in architecture and design, Jonny spends his time taking creative photos and videos of Austin’s beautiful fish. He hates doing laundry but is unsurprisingly good at getting it covered in bank mud, river algae, and fish slime. For more of his kayak fishing photography, check him out on Instagram as @jmoneytrain or on his website, Early Riser TX.


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