1. schedule pick–up

It's as easy as ordering a pizza. Try it now!

Once you create a user account online with your personal, contact, and billing information, you can request a dirty clothes pick–up at the date, time, and location of your choice.

subscriber account

For those who do laundry often. $12/month for unlimited FREE pick-up and delivery. The subscription pays for itself on the second delivery.

classic account

Our most flexible option for the casual customer - no monthly commitment, same great value. $4 one-way mobile charge at each pick-up and/or delivery.

program account

Our plan for businesses, apartments, & local groups. For a $9 annual fee, individuals get weekly-scheduled group pick-up and delivery free. Sign up here.

2. do something cool

Because, ultimately, life is about having a good time doing what you love – not laundry.
We'll do the dirty work if you promise to do something worthwhile with your newfound free time. We text you a schedule reminder before picking your clothes up from you or your front doorstep. Your dirty clothes head to our cleaning facilities – but not for long! Our clothes average an 18-24 hour turnaround. *drops mic*

wash & fold

Standard Folde Bag (3 loads) for $28
X-Large Folde Bag (5+ loads) for $40
*hang-dry options available by request*

Flat-rate Folde Bags eliminate variable, per-pound pricing. Stuff it full!

Pricing Details

dry cleaning

Shirt - $3 *launder & press
Pants/Slacks - $5
Shirt/Blouse/Skirt - $6 *dry clean
Sweater/Shorts/Ties - $6
Jacket- $10 Dress - $13
Suit/Coat - $16

Pricing Details


Pillow - $9
Drapes - $22
Blanket/Comforter - $25

Other household and technical-care articles will be considered and priced on a case by case basis depending on manufacturer care recommendations.

3. receive delivery

Cross laundry off your chores list. Cheers!
Once your threads are washed, dried, folded, pressed, and buckled up for the ride home, we will text you. After all, you probably miss them and want them home ASAP. If you want to adjust your delivery time to move it up or push it back, you can. If not, just hang tight and our driver will be there at the previously scheduled delivery time. Cheers.

we’re committed to helping you find more free time

what are you going to do with it?