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Delivery Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde

Heidi Okla, Do512 Family

"In big families such as ours, the moment things are washed and finally put away, the laundry basket is full again. Let’s face it — it’s an annoying chore! We have to say that having someone else take care of our laundry was such a treat! The whole service was so fast and convenient. Bingo, bango. So easy!"
Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde

Serenity Lange, Suddenly Serenity

"Yes, yes and yes!! Laundry is my arch nemesis. I am in love already. Seriously, laundry is the worst. The Folde is the best!"
Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde

Alex Knight & Ashley Eubanks, Far Out Adventure

"We get back in town after long weekends camping and climbing at Enchanted Rock and are exhausted from our adventures. We use The Folde so we are able to relax after a long weekend outdoors."
Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde

Erin Ruoff, Hi Lovely

"We spent a little more time at the lake this week because I skipped out on 6 loads of laundry. Left them on my porch in The Folde bags and two days later they were delivered pressed, laundered and folded. Exactly what we needed!"
Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde

Robert Field, YakFish TV

"As a professional fisherman, I travel for a living. I don't have time for worrying about laundry. The Folde is better than advertised. All I had to do was click a couple buttons and head on out to Ladybird to fish. My laundry was cleaned and waiting for me when I paddled back."

Katherine M.

Thank God for The Folde! My boyfriend and I moved in together two months ago. Everything was perfect - except for the mass increase in laundry!!! Thanks to The Folde, I can go to spin class without worrying about the laundry getting finished!

Caleb W.

I like getting clothes dirty. I can't say the same for getting them clean. After a long day mountain biking, the only laundry I'm up for is placing an order with The Folde. Laundry picked up and delivered whenever I want.

Adara G.

The day before my month long trip to Central America, The Folde saved me. All my laundry cleaned and rushed to get back to me in the same day. They saved me from adding more stress to my travel plans. And they always do it with a smile!!!

Jacob R.

Delivery laundry and dry cleaning. Why didn't I think of that? I have a washer and dryer but I don't have the time. It's like clockwork. Every week I get my laundry and dry cleaning delivered and I don't waste a second.

Carrie B.

"It's been such a stress reliever. No joke. I spend all day getting my work done and, voila, my laundry is done too! I just wish I hopped on board sooner."

Katie C.

So glad The Folde opened in town. Apartment laundry complexes are the worst. I'll never go in one ever again. I click a button and my laundry is cleaned and waiting for me at my door when I get home from work. You guys are the best!!
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delivery laundry & dry cleaning in ATX – at the click of a button.