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the businesses plan

work perks

Everybody in the office hates laundry; why not let everybody get it done from 9-5 and save some time? We offer collective business plans to #ATX companies who agree that – even in the cubicle – life is about having a good time – not laundry. Whether it is an employee courtesy service, incentive plan, or pre-tax benefit, our business clients use dirty laundry as an outlet to help their team members lighten the load.

the process

The process is simple:

  • Contact us and register your company with The Folde.
  • Employees bring their laundry to work.*
  • We pick-up and deliver on a weekly schedule – FOR FREE.
  • Employees pick-up their clean laundry at work.*
*don't worry – we provide the heavy-duty, non–transparent laundry & garment bags,
so you're not flashing your dirty laundry all around the office.

the benefits

| No Extra Trips : Well, you were going to the office anyway, right?.

| No Ordering Process :You bring it, we clean it. There is no online ordering involved.

| Regular Schedule: Every single week – like clockwork.

| No Minimums : Just because Jill in accounting orders weekly, doesn't mean you have to.

| Simple Billing : Keep the change in your pocket – we'll charge your card on file.

not all heroes wear capes

Tell your boss. It might just be the go-getter attitude that managment has been looking for. What says 'office hero' like landing The Folde? And, hey, your coworkers will probably thank you too. So be sure to invite us when Jill in accounting buys the first round at happy hour.

the big pitch

Register your company with The Folde. Participants get three Folde bags for recurring use. Free weekly pick-up and delivery. Orders subject to standard, flat-rate pricing.

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