the apartment plan

apartment life

Everybody in the complex hates laundry; why not let everybody get it done without stepping foot in the laundry room? We offer collective apartment plans to #ATX apartments who agree that life is about getting out and having a good time – not laundry. Whether it is an optional resident courtesy or a full-on laundry room alternative, our apartment clients use dirty laundry as an outlet to help their tenants lighten the load.

the process

The process is simple:

  • Contact us and register your complex with The Folde.
  • Participants bring their laundry to the leasing office.*
  • We pick-up and deliver on a weekly schedule – FOR FREE.
  • Participants pick-up their clean laundry right where they left it.*
*don't worry – we provide the heavy-duty, non–transparent laundry & garment bags,
so you're not flashing your dirty laundry around all your neighbors.

the benefits

| No Extra Trips : Well, you were going to be around anyway, right? Leave it on your way out.

| No Ordering Process : You drop it, we clean it. There is no online ordering involved.

| Regular Schedule: Every single week – like clockwork.

| No Minimums : Just because your neighbor participates weekly, doesn't mean you have to.

| Simple Billing : Keep the change in your pocket – we'll charge your card on file.

be the APT MVP

Tell managment; they hate laundry too. It might be the the pick-me-up the whole complex needs. What says 'MVP neighbor' like bringing The Folde to your backyard - well, back porch? Be ready for the high-fives coming from some soon-to-be-very-happy neighbors.

the lease agreement

Register your complex with The Folde.
Participants get three Folde bags for recurring use.
Free weekly pick-up and delivery.
Orders subject to standard, flat-rate pricing.